Rachel’s Angels OOH Program

Rachel's Angels is a non-profit organization founded by Cindy DeMaio on the day that her daughter, Rachel, passed away from fatal carfentanil toxicity poisoning.  The mission of Rachel's Angels is to bring awareness to the public of this epidemic and to educate youth through in-school programs on the dangers of drug experimentation, through open dialog and education, presented by their peers.

Drug overdoses claim on average of 300 lives daily in the US and experimentation with drugs has become much more dangerous than it has ever been. What teens may think is an opioid painkiller or Xanax is now more likely to be a counterfeit tablet containing fentanyl or similar synthetic opioids. When we began to envision this campaign, we knew we wanted it to stand out from the crowd. We didn't want it to be preachy, but rather state simple, unavoidable facts and then encourage kids, parents ... everyone really, to educate themselves about just how dangerous it is.  There are lots of "One Pill can Kill" type campaigns out there. We wanted to be a bit different. 

It occured to me that, over the course of our lives, we cross the paths of hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Each one of these people we meet we leave some sort of mark upon. In some cases we are a classmate. Other cases a Teammate, roomate, friend, employee...  the list goes on & on.

Fentanyl Steals

So with that thought in mind, I created the platform that each person in this world plays a different role to each and every one of us. Every single individual plays multiple roles. To some, a friend. To others, a teammate. A daughter. A sister. A son. A grandchild. Needless to say, when fentanyl takes a life, it leaves many holes that can never be filled. The "Fentanyl Steals" billboard campaign consists of multiple messages (Fentanyl Steals our Daughters,  Fentanyl Steals our Sisters, Fentanyl Steals our Teammates, etc) that are tied together with a common face. and celebrates this multiplicity of impact that Rachel, and as it has grown, others, have on the lives of those around them.  Multiple billboards are being put up with a single face, but different messages.


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