Quickly mark the center of your artboards


This is a simple tutorial to quickly mark the center of any artboard in Adobe Illustrator. This method primarily uses the “align panel”

First thing is to create a new document. 

Once we have our new document in front of us, we need to bring up our rulers, so go to the “View” menu,  Rulers and “Show Rulers”

This brings up our rulers along the top and the left hand side of our workarea

Click and hold on the top ruler and drag down a horizontal guide

And from your left hand ruler, do the same and pull out a vertical guide

Right Click in the artboard, and select “Unlock Guides” from the Contextual Menu - now we can select our guides and move them around

Click on and Select your horizontal guide then, from the Align Panel, make sure “Align to artboard” is selected ans then click on the “Vertical Align Center '' button.  The guide should snap to the center.

Now do the same with your Vertical guide but this time, click the “Horizontal Align Center” button

When you have completed these steps, right click on your artboard again, and select “Lock Guides” from the contextual menu.


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